How and where in source does ofl.npm.web,ofl.hxlib.web initialize the canvas/webgl context?

Hello guys I am looking to better understand the preferred code exection path (if there are differences) when targeting the Web.

To that end, the first question is, how does ofl.npm instantiate the application chrome from a call of

class App extends Sprite

, ie there must be a static initializer that is included, where is this in the OFL source? Is said static/library initializer that initiates the canvas, common to the ofl.npm.web ofl.haxelib.web dists?

Where is the chrome/canvas/webgl {initialization,entry point,architecture description,documentation} and is it the same when building using ofl.npm or ofl.haxelib?

As you might know, the haxelib version relies on the Lime tools to generate and copy template files that are included in your application as a part of the build. The ApplicationMain template includes the Haxe entry point and intializes a new and lime.ui.Window instances, where openfl.display.Stage is attached to each window.

In the present sources today, openfl.display.Stage includes an alternate route internally when compiled for CommonJS (the NPM build) where it creates a new and lime.ui.Window privately and exposes the generated DIV element to simplify the bootstrap process