Hiding the title bar buttons when targeting native


Is it possible to hide the ‘maximize’ and ‘minimize window’ buttons in the title bar, leaving only the close button, when targeting CPP/Native?

I saw on the forum that it is possible to disable the “maximize” button (at least on Windows), if I set resizable to false in the project’s XML file, and that you can set borderless to completely hide the window borders.

But I’d like to know if it is possible to hide those buttons, while keeping the browser’s native frame.

Thanks. :wink:


I’m sure this would be possible, I bet SDL2 does not expose this functionality, but we do do some Windows-specific code in SDLWindow.cpp to handle the icon:

I bet there’s a similar way to do this

Thanks, @singmajesty!

I asked this mostly out of curiosity, but looks like I still have to study a bit more to work it out then, since I’m a total beginner. :sweat_smile:

Will level up my Haxe (and CPP) skills a bit more, before thinking about doing this.

Thanks again!

Cheers! :wink: