Hi guys! Openfl still active?

Haxe openfl still active and kicking?

I want to continue the project that I started 4 years ago,
Is it still worht it using it? Sorry! this maybe a dumb Question.

Hi, it’s still active, getting regular updates and improvements :slight_smile:

I prefer forums but many discussions happen on Discord now, either on the “official” server ( OpenFL ) or in the OpenFL channel on the Haxe server ( Haxe )

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Yes, OpenFL is still active!

Chris and I joined the leadership team in April 2022, and the two of us have been handling most of the day-to-day development tasks since then. You can check out the Announcements section of the forum to see news about our most recent OpenFL (and Lime) releases. At the time I’m writing this, our newest update with added features was in October 2023, and there was a bugfix release in November. Another bugfix release is planned for later this month (March 2024). The next update with new features doesn’t have a planned release date yet, but I would be very surprised if it weren’t released at some point in 2024.


Hi @joshtynjala,

Thanks for the info. Good to see people from Flash Starling here.
I will continue using it.

Thanks guys!