Help: porting ActionScript 3 project to Haxe/OpenFL -> JavaScript


There is a particular ActionScript 3 project I am very intested in: game-music-emu-flash. It compiles into a .swf to be used on a web page to play music files from many retro consoles such as the SNES.

I have been trying to convert the project to Haxe / OpenFL and have JS as the target. The thing is, I keep running into compilation errors that I am unable to comprehend or fix despite my best attempts. Among others, some of these errors are related to classes contained in a .swc file; I understand it should still be possible to use them directly from the file, but I have been unsuccessful so far.

I would very much appreciate if anyone could take a look at the project linked above, and check if anything would prevent the project from being ported to Haxe / OpenFL with JavaScript as the target. If not, then… I’ll have some more questions I guess, or perhaps a post in the Jobs category :smile:

Thank you for reading and for your help!

Update: I have decided to offer a $40 reward regarding this. Please check out the following ‘Jobs’ topic for more info:

I believe you can’t directly use a .swc library file and target HTML5/JS. It would work only on Flash target itself if I’m right. I think you’ll need to port the swc library code to Haxe/OpenFL to use it on your project.

Oh… well, that’s a bummer! :frowning: I believe the swc was initially generated from C++ code with Alchemy, so unfortunately I can’t really port the swc. At this point, I might as well use Emscripten…

Thank you for your help! Unless someone chimes in with a solution, I believe I should give you at least a part of the planned reward. Would that be OK with you?

Never mind about that :wink:

Well thank you very much then for taking the time to reply, I greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Google can be a pretty powerful tool too. :wink:

Here is another person that used Emscripten. I was able to compile locally pretty quick once I setup Emscripten locally. I am still having a minor issue with cmake and SDL, but you can look at this guys project too for help.

Ah yes, I knew about that guy & his projects, but I was unaware that he had succeeded with the JS player! I’ll look into both of these, thank you :slight_smile: