Help me understand why to use Typescript instead of Haxe


I was away from quite some time and now I saw one can develop for web using Typescript.

If developing in Haxe allows me to export the game to HTML5 why does one need Typescript?

Are the resulting code generated by pure Haxe code different than code generated in Typescript? When I say “different” I mean quality/ robustness of the resulting code.

Is there something that will (or will not) work depending on which language I made the game?

Thank you.

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I think there’s little reason to use TS when you’ve already been using Haxe, it just limits the target choices to only JS. It seems to be mostly for people not comfortable with / intimidated by Haxe.

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Even knowing it’s true that some people may be uncomfortable / intimidated by Haxe I can’t avoid being perplexed.

If they took a bit of time to learn Haxe they would realize how easy it is to use.

I ported a project from JavaScript/Flash to Haxe. It was MVC style development with the View being written in Flash ActionScript. I could have kept everything the same and just updated the View to use Haxe with the HTML5 export. The thing is I did port everything including the JavaScript over to Haxe. Later on I learned that client couldn’t run the project on some PCs because they stilled use IE in some cases. So with a little work I did a HXCPP export and put it on a CD as a Windows Binary. You won’t be able to do that with TypeScript and being able to target more than one platform is great.

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