Help ... Lime opengl

hello friends I’m back to the Haxe :smiley: and Lime/Openfl to continue my projects in opengl but it seems that this all changed :blush: I can not compile my old projects or run the demos of lime (SimpleImage and HerokuShader) in html5 :frowning: .

Do the latest copies of Lime and lime-samples work?

Clean windows and fresh install all update.
Webgl don’t show nothing

some one can say if the samples from Lime and Openfl with webgl(dom) run on browser ??

“HelloWorld” works on all targets, some of the Lime samples are not cross-platform, “SimpleAudio” uses the Lime AudioSource API (which does not have an implementation for HTML5 yet, OpenFL uses SoundJS for this at the moment)

Similarly, “HandlingInputEvents” works on HTML5, but not Flash, since generating a new Stage on the fly isn’t really compatible there. Might consider an alternative for Flash.

If you aren’t getting any HTML5 support at all, please update Lime and the lime samples project

hi Joshua ,
i do not know what the changes I made but now it works.
the only problem i have is create textures on Lime using Image but not on openfl .

now i’m happy, everything works fine

this is my 2dMesh for my new 2d gl engine to work with gibbo2d

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