Heaps with geany

anyone try geany with heaps ? according this https://www.tondy.com/2017/02/haxe-development-on-android-tablet.html, i have installed haxe, heaps & geany in userland, but i dont know how to set class path in geany, can anyone help ?

Hi, did you mean to post this to the Haxe user group? OpenFL and Heaps are two different toolkits.

i use both, haxe & heaps

how about geany set class path for openfl ? can demonstrate it

Visual Studio Code has official Haxe and Lime extensions that help with OpenFL development, and it works great on Linux. Have you given that a try?

My handphone can’t install visual studio code

I would probably only expect syntax highlighting from Geany

how about vim? can it work with haxe ?