Heaps vs OpenFL + Away3D

What to choose for high quality and performance 3D game, with many shaders and filters oriented to mobile and desktop platforms?

It would be cool to have:

  1. Possibility to use OpenGL shaders
  2. Physics 3D (but may be 2D will be enough such as nape or box2d)
  3. Particle systems
    And, of course, fast performance

Also, are there any particle editors for Away3D?

There’s a project where Lime + Heaps work together that I’d love to see merged into official Lime and OpenFL:

That would allow a more apples-to-apples comparison and make it easier to go to multiple platforms as Heaps (out of the box) doesn’t assist with the platforms Lime supports

Looks like there are a few choices for 3D physics, haxebullet, jiglibhx, OimoPhysics.haxe, perhaps others

Both Heaps and Away3D appear to support particles