Haxelib - the Haxe package manager question

Is there a way to see a longer list of updates submitted to lib.haxe.org than the one displayed on the front page, I remember on the old site I could travel to a /p and at least look at what was available but now when some libs update in mass I end up missing on some stuff.

Have you tried the “other versions” button?

That’s for older versions of one specific lib entry, I was mentioning overall committed libs.
It caps and I can’t see how to look further in the past published entries past the list of the ten latest commits. But is there a way to go further back ?

There are some additional entries on the RSS feed, but there’s a limit to that as well.

You can always use haxelib upgrade to check for updates to all of your installed libraries at once. You don’t get a confirmation option (unless you’re using Git), but you can manually undo any updates you don’t want.

Sometimes totally new libs go unnoticed because someone updates 12 libs randomly.
There should be a log for releases somewhere. Upgrade only serves to track what you already got installed.

EDIT: Thanks for pointing out the RSS

You can also use/follow this Twitter account: https://twitter.com/haxelib

Going to scrape it away. Thanks singmajesty.