Haxelib swf's C++ target does not support editing frame scripts in Flash

I tested the HTML5 version and it is possible to use a frame script, such as simple stop(), gotoAndPlay(), and the C++ target is unresponsive; I hope the C++ target can support simple statements such as stop(). Is there any good idea?

I saw the source code of openfl.display.MovieClip. I modified some simple commands that support C++.

I saw support for using hscript in the source code. It has been used normally. It’s great.

Did you need to make any changes/tweaks in the sources? If so, could you share them with us?

Are you using scripts written in the SWF, now, or are you using clip.addFrameScript?

Yes! I just used the Haxelib library hscript, which was originally supported by OpenFL, but in order to meet some methods, such as callback events, I modified some type support so that it can directly edit the script in Adobe Animate. These are the hscripts that are already done. They are great.

#if hscript

					if (parser == null) {
						parser = new Parser ();
						parser.allowTypes = true;

					var program = parser.parseString (frameData.scriptSource);
					var interp = new Interp ();
					interp.variables.set ("this", this);
					interp.variables.set ("flash.events_Event", Event);
					var script = function () {
						interp.execute (program);
					__frameScripts.set (frame, script);
					#elseif js

Adobe Animate Code:

import flash.events.Event;

this.dispatchEvent(new Event("gameOver2",true));