Haxelib run openfl setup not working

Hi, while trying to setup openfl on my laptop I´m encountering the following error:

I guess theres a problem with the double quotes “” ?!
But why? I didn´t have that problem on my other Windows 7 PC.

It says “the command is either misspelled or could not be found.”

It thinks “haxelib install lime” is the name of the command, not just haxelib.

You can type the command manually to get around the error.

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yep, but then I have to install all the other stuff manually, too.
Would be nice to find the source of this problem.

UPDATE: Ok, I ran “haxelib install lime” and then “haxelib run openfl setup” and the rest worked … strange?

Also the others?

I’ve seen this problem but only with the installation of lime, the rest was fine.
Must be a slightly different problem.