Haxelib git error


I try this command on Windows

haxelib git starling https://github.com/openfl/starling

but I have this message error

Error: Could not use git, please make sure it is installed and available in your PATH.


Hi, you may not have the git command installed in Windows.
If you type “git” in a cmd window, what happens ?

Edit 1: I’m using the git.exe command that comes with mingw64

I don’t have git command installed on Windows, how I install it ?

Went and checked what I have running, I actually am using something that comes with another language called Nim, they supply a mingw-w64 version that has git in it and I just added that to the path.

You’ll probably be ok if you install it from https://git-for-windows.github.io/

Just check that it is added to the PATH env in the end whatever option you pick.

Thanks, I find git.exe on https://git-scm.com/download/win and I added …\mingw64\bin in the path.

I have this error now

haxelib git starling https://github.com/openfl/starling
Installing starling from https://github.com/openfl/starling
Error: Could not clone Git repository.

So if you just go to a cmd window and type “git” it runs but isn’t running when haxelib is using it, just so I get this straight.

Edit 1 : Is your windows a 64 bit version ?

64 bit version

git command work

If GIT is working on your system, try something like this:

git clone https://github.com/openfl/starling
haxelib dev starling starling

That will 1.) create your own GIT clone of the library, and 2.) tell haxelib to use that copy when a project looks for Starling

Actually, this is what I usually use, but haxelib git is a little shorter to write

I’m so sorry for the trouble

It work with git clone, thanks.

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