HaxeFlixel OpenFL HTML5 fail

I am trying to compile a Flixel demo (Breakout) to html5. But lime test html5 gave me an error trying to persuade me to install openfl-bitfive. But isn’t the official html5 output now better?

  1. Lime: 2.3.3
  2. OpenFL: 3.0.3-LNyxj2
  3. Haxe: 3.1.3
  4. OS: Ubuntu 15.04 x86_64.

As far as I know, HaxeFlixel does have experimental html5 support only with openfl-bitfive. There is no html5 target in the section of supported targets on HaxeFlixel site.

All right then would bring this issue in HaxeFlixel forum… I don’t know what exactly are the technical reasons for not allowing what ought to be default HTML5 output…

There’s a flag, I think you can do lime test html5 -Dno-custom-backend or something like that to force OpenFL to ignore any custom backend designations (and use the core HTML5 target)

That flag fixed it for me. Thanks a lot.

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