HaxeDevelop warning at OpenFL 8.5.1

I notice this message:
after install opnelf 8.5.1 / Lime 7.1.1

compilation has no errors but this message always show at the top of editor
what is wrong?

me too! It’s annoying because the autocompletion works badly now.

Is this only since OpenFL 8.5.1, not in OpenFL 8.5.0? Could someone identify when this was introduced? Thanks :slight_smile:

Why do you not use KodeStudio? It sucks much than Haxe- or FlashDevelop. Please remember install haxe and debugger of Haxe than press F1 ini than you see like openfl init or init kha project etc. Than you can have to prepare own apps from kode studio or visual studio code

I don’t seeing the warning in HaxeDevelop v5.3.3.1 (64 bit) for OpenFL 8.5.1

I do see the warning in FlashDevelop but I read somewhere it’s because FD hasn’t had new updates in a while.

It’s fixed in FD’s nightly, as far as I can tell.

@Pasha can you try development build?

@SlavaRa No, but after upgrade HaxeDevelop to no more warning.

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