HaxeDevelop does not find a type when loading a project

I have just installed HaxeDevelop and now when I open a project it reports multiple times an error similar to

"Type not found : Test"

in the Output tab.

For the specific project I took I think the error is related to the line

<set name="extendedGameName" value="Alpha Test HTML5" />

in project.xml. In the other projects it reports (as “Type not found”) the first word after the whitespace in the property “value”.
Is this a bug or whitespaces are not allowed?

<set /> uses a Map<String, String> internally, so it shouldn’t matter if there are spaces. Perhaps FlashDevelop is parsing the project.xml (when it shouldn’t!) and is getting tripped up. I keep asking IDE developers to let me know when details they need from a project, and to let us develop lime display commands to return that information, but…

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