HaxeDevelop 5.2 - Haxe 3.4.2. - won't compile a simple bitmap display (LNK1000 LNK1136 errors)

Hi Everyone,

I transplanted some working code (1.5 yo) from an old laptop to a new one (both run windows 10). That is, I copied across a couple of projects that I want to use as a basis for a new project.
I installed Haxedevelop on the new laptop (and followed installation recommendations from the website).
After failing to compile the older code, I started the simplest program possible to see if I can get anything to compile to windows. I used the beginner tutorial http://www.openfl.org/learn/tutorials/displaying-a-bitmap/. (I compile using the compile arrow in HaxeDevelop, in a debug setting to windows.) It does not work.

I installed Microsoft visual studio 2017, as a potential problem with visual studio popped up during my initial google search, and the LNK errors suggest that is where the problem lies. The newer version of visual studio made no difference. I also have deleted and reinstalled Haxe develop software twice, which also did not help.

I don’t have a computer science background (behavioral scientist programming an experiment) and am not sure how to address the problem.
Any insight would be much appreciated!

This is the error output:
obj/msvc16-debug-ncxp/ea84b922_NativeCFFI.obj : fatal error LNK1136: invalid or corrupt file

obj/msvc16-debug-ncxp/ea84b922_NativeCFFI.obj : fatal error LNK1000: Internal error during IMAGE::Pass1

Version 10.00.30319.01

ExceptionCode = C0000005
ExceptionFlags = 00000000
ExceptionAddress = 77760920 (77720000) "C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll"
NumberParameters = 00000002
ExceptionInformation[ 0] = 00000000
ExceptionInformation[ 1] = 00007FFF

Eax = 0154ECB8 Esp = 0133E690
Ebx = 03610000 Ebp = 0133E6D4
Ecx = 777608C0 Esi = 03610000
Edx = 00008000 Edi = 00000000
Eip = 77760920 EFlags = 00010246
SegCs = 00000023 SegDs = 0000002B
SegSs = 0000002B SegEs = 0000002B
SegFs = 00000053 SegGs = 0000002B
Dr0 = 00000000 Dr3 = 00000000
Dr1 = 00000000 Dr6 = 00000000
Dr2 = 00000000 Dr7 = 00000000
Build halted with errors.

I believe 2017 is not yet supported by hxcpp, but you can use 2013 or 2015

Yes, installing visual studio 2015 has helped! Thank you!