Haxe-watchify: Automatic build project


I just found this node.js module and seems very useful.
Auto build your project and reload your browser automaticly when you test for html5.


You’ll need Python 2.7.1 and NodeJS.
Install Haxe-watchify : npm install haxe-watchify -g
Launch Haxe-watchify in cmd prompt at the root of your project : haxe-watchify
For Openfl you’ll need create a json file named “hx-watch.json” at the root of your project:

    "program" : "openfl",
	"src": "Source",
    "livereload" : "Export/html5/null/bin/",
	"platforms" : ["html5","neko"]

I hope it will help some people !

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Interesting, although you can do something very similar with Brackets + live.js because Brackets uses Node.js and live previews without any configuration.