Haxe tweening fixer on GitHub

I found a opensource tweening engine for haxe that works magic
there are even exmples on it.
It’s by a crossplatfrom company called Gingee
It’s on GitHub!
Here’s an example of it working http://www.gingeeapps.info/gtween/


Any reason to use this over Actuate?

GTween is more compact first of all and closer to AS3 convention that most Haxe developers are more familiar with.
But certainly it is another free option that has a very different structure that is worth a go.

Yeah, I think “first” open-source Haxe tween engine is a long-shot. We’ve had tween libraries long before December 30th this year :smile:

I totally agree, though, that people will prefer one library over another, based on features or the API. Bit of trivia, Actuate actually began as “GTweener”, turning GTween into a managed, static API, similar to Tweener. I believe GTween later adopted a static API, using the GTweener name.

Actuate was originally made to map both GTween, BetweenAS3, Tweener and other libraries into a meta-library that leveraged the strengths of multiple different tween libraries, but the more I turned these libraries into a common API, the more I saw the redundancy. When I tried to make a SimpleActuator class (as opposed to the old GTweenActuator, etc) I realized that I actually beat the performance of GTween (by far) and even TweenLite and TweenMax. That’s when I dropped the other actuators and turned Actuate into an independent library.

I think that with Haxe features (which I did not design for when I first made the library), such as @:generic, abstract and other conveniences, I bet Actuate could be made even better.

Thanks for sharing though, hope I’m not talking too much and someone finds this all interesting :philosoraptor: :wink: