Haxe To Javascript

Ive been having trouble lately accessing haxeflixel and i see a ton of beautiful projects using haxe so i see .hx in every project repository that i think is just absolutely awesome and yet i cant access haxeflixel due to technical difficulties so if someone could show me how to convert hx to js that would be awesome!

Haxe compiles to Javascript, C++, etc…

I suggest exploring using Haxe javascript, you can do a lot with aspects like dom, creating flexbox, svg, canvas and webgl. Get atleast a basic understanding of the general approach then try some OpenFL examples then when your happy with that then explore Fixel. Then you get more of a feel for what each layer provides.

Once you get used to haxe you won’t want to switch back to coding in js direct.

In the Haxe forum, you mentioned that Haxe is “undownloadable” for you. However, you never really explained what exactly your issue was when you tried to download Haxe. From where did you try to download Haxe? Do you get error messages in the process? With more information, we may be able to help you get Haxe working, and then you won’t need to spend months recreating all of HaxeFlixel’s code in JavaScript.

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