Haxe question about tiles

its not really about haxe but about every framework

So you know in a game engine you can see what you place and you can drag things into the scene and stuff, well how to you place tiles in a framework if you can see where ur placing them. wouldnt placing all those tiles in the exact right spot be really hard in a framework. if

if you have a platformer then you have to place all those tiles. how does it work?

If I understand correctly, you need an editor.
You can currently use:

  • Adobe Animate.
  • Tiled: For tiled environments (2d top down, 2d side, isometric)
  • LdTk. For tiled environments (2d top down, or 2d side). This one is made with Haxe :sunglasses: and is very promising
  • Ogmo Editor

I’m currently working on my own non-tiled editor for scene and ui and I’ll share it when it will be sharable.

Also, an editor is not mandatory to make games, you can set coordinates programmatically or in a xml by hand. Some games don’t need and editor, even if it’ll be easier with.