Haxe / OpenFL Assignment in Copehagen


I am looking for one or two developers (freelance or contract) consultants (+6 month) to a very exciting company, environment and assignment in the center of the beautiful Copenhagen, could that have your interest?

Experience in some of the following fields (prioritized).

  1. OpenFL
  2. Haxe
  3. App development (IOS and Android)
  4. C++ (C++ is target language)
  5. HTML5
  6. Flash API

The company is based in the middel of the old town of Copenhagen, and we will help with finding a place to live and so on.

Hope to hear from you

Best regards

Lars Blauenfeldt

[email protected]
+45 3121 1003


Iā€™m in Copenhagen right now for vacation and it is indeed beautiful and has become the greatest city I have ever visited. Unfortunately I am not ready to move from Canada right now. Good luck on finding the right candidate.