Haxe newbie question :)

Hello OpenFL community!

I am a flash game developer and want to make switch to OpenFL as it will allow me to export the same game for soooooooo many different platforms + its free :smiley:
I understand that OpenFL uses haxe, right ? So, to use OpenFL I will need to learn Haxe only, right ? Also, I see that there is Haxe Flixel and Haxe Punk and both of them use OpenFL, so is it better to use them or OpenFL alone is enough to make games ?
Also, if I a make a game, I can export it to Flash, Mobile + Html5 without any performance issues, right ?

Thanks a lot! I am looking forward to being a part of this community :blush:

Hi Ankit :smile:

Haxe is a language that’s very similar to ActionScript 3. I myself came to Haxe from AS3! You’ll probably need a bit of time to adjust to specific stuff in AS3, here’s a link to an archived OpenFL page on the differences: http://www.openfl.org/archive/developer/documentation/actionscript-developers/

With OpenFL you can make a game, definitely. I’ve been working on my own game in OpenFL only: http://themissiongame.com HaxeFlixel and HaxePunk are additional frameworks for making games more quickly.

For mobile devices you’ll always have to keep performance in mind, specifically using spritesheets so that everything is drawn in as few draw calls as possible. I haven’t targeted HTML5 so I’m not sure about that one.

Welcome :smile:

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Thanks a lot @cactusanctuary

Also, as I will be using it to make flash and html5 games which in turn I will like to sell licenses of, can I use AS3 API’s in Haxe/OpenFL ?

The API is the same, I think even the flash namespace will resolve to openfl namespace, such that you can leave a class’s import of flash.display.Sprite and when compiling with OpenFL it will be treated as openfl.display.Sprite.

You can use almost any AS3 library with OpenFL but they will only work on the Flash target so if a sponsor wants you to include their code then it will only work in Flash.