[HAXE] Including images on android project?


I have a project where i want to load images at runtime on Android.
On HTML5 target, i just copied the images into the Export/html5/bin/ folder and i can create loaders that load them in runtime.

In android, i cant put the image into the .apk file (obviously…)
Can anyone tell me how can i instruct haxe to include a file (images / xmls etc…) in my exported apk?

You can inlcude file or directory in your apk with this line in your xml project :
<assets path="assets/img/" rename="img" embed="false"/>
<assets path="assets/sound/" rename="sound" embed="false"/>

but i think i don’t understand your question…

ok, Just got it, I can manually add the files to the

Export -> android -> bin ->assets 

folder which is the root folder for android assets.

Since we don’t preload anything on Android, perhaps the standard asset embed system will work? Then Assets.getBitmapData when you need one?