Haxe Animation Problem

so i was doing a haxe tutoriel and i was trying to do animations but i did the exact same code but it didnt work and just shows this


You don’t give enough details to expect help.
If it’s a haxeflixel tutorial, you should have more chances in haxeflixel forum. But please give the name or link of the tutorial (or show the code) + haxe/openfl/flixel versions.

sorry, here is the code. also my haxe version is 4.0.2 and lime is 4.9.0


import flixel.FlxG;

import flixel.FlxSprite;

import flixel.FlxState;

import flixel.animation.FlxAnimation;

import flixel.system.FlxAssets.FlxGraphicAsset;

import flixel.system.FlxSplash;

import flixel.text.FlxText;

import flixel.tweens.FlxTween;

import flixel.util.FlxColor;

class PlayState extends FlxState


    var spritesheet:FlxSprite;

    var text:FlxText;

    override public function create():Void



        text = new FlxText(0, 0, 300);


        spritesheet = new FlxSprite();

        spritesheet.loadGraphic(AssetPaths.picturewalk_thumb_1__png, true, 512, 384);

        spritesheet.animation.add("walk", [0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15], 5, true);




    override public function update(elapsed:Float)





Flixel and openfl version?

Also, it seems you’re targeting HTML5 so there might be some debug output in your browsers console that might shed a light into this. From the screenshot I just can guess but I think it’s FireFox and you can access the developer console using the F12 key.

flixel: 4.9.0 openfl: 9.1.0

well everytime i run it its says this, but its still runs

also here is the tutoriel

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