Haxe 4 crash when running on mac

I’m updating my current project to haxe 4 (on lime 7.7, openfl 8.9.6), and have run into this error at the end of building:

Error: ./src/haxe/ds/StringMap.cpp:153:18: error: no member named ‘__string_hash_clear’ in the global namespace; did you mean ‘__string_hash_keys’?
HXDLIN( 103) ::__string_hash_clear(this->h);
/usr/local/lib/haxe/lib/hxcpp/4,0,19/include/hx/StdLibs.h:185:48: note: ‘__string_hash_keys’ declared here
HXCPP_EXTERN_CLASS_ATTRIBUTES Array< ::String> __string_hash_keys(Dynamic &hash);
1 error generated.

Has anyone run into anything similar, or is this better posted on the haxe github issues page?

Try you update hxcpp to 4.1.1.

Thanks! That’s what I was missing.