Haxe-3.2.1-linux-installer.tar.gz isn't zipped

I use haxe/openfl primarily with linux. The current download is misnamed - it’s only tar’d, not gzip’d too.

tar -xzvf haxe-3.2.1-linux-installer.tar.gz gives a ‘not in gzip format’ error

tar -xvf haxe-3.2.1-linux-installer.tar.gz unpacks the script fine

If you use ubuntu’s ‘archive manager’ it works fine as (I assume) it checks the file header not the file name. I’ve reinstalled a lot lately and this has annoyed me every time as I’m primarily a command line user. Needs fixing.



Thanks for the heads up!

Would you mind checking again? It should be fixed now :slight_smile:

I can confirm it now unpacks as expected with
tar -xzvf haxe-3.2.1-linux-installer.tar.gz

Thank you


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