Having xcode 8 problems

I’m getting that xcode 8 team id error, even though I’ve updated to include the

<certificate team-id=""/>


What version of Lime do you have? Are you using the correct team ID from the developer.apple.com “membership” information? (it looks like S77F98700, not a pretty string).

What error?

Just that xcode error. I’m actually working on Stencyl, with a member there who’s updating the software. We’re running the latest lime and I’ve got the string as listed below.

<certificate team-id="MYTEAMID" />

You might need to double-check if you have an Xcode project template that overrides the default project template from Lime, and if you’re working from source, be sure to lime rebuild tools before you lime update ios -xcode on the project you’re testing

This is exactly what was happening. Max had a certain Stencyl extension installed which turned out to have its own .pbxproj file. It took us way too long to figure out what was happening. :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the help!

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