Having trouble removing HowlerJS from final compilation

I have a project which uses a library that has the ability to use sound. I want to set a flag so that the HowlerJS code is not included in the final JS output. I thought it could work by setting up a define in the project.xml and then putting conditionals wherever my sound classes might be used.

<define name="silentMode" />

//and then elsewhere:

#if !silentMode
addSubCommand( InitPageSoundsCommand );

Even with full DCE and -final enabled I’m still seeing HowlerJS code in the final file. The extra kilobytes aren’t a huge deal, but I can hear feedback in my speakers because Howler is opening a sound channel for playback. Any ideas? Am I just not applying the conditional compilation in all the right places?

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Howler is one thing, but for slimming output, knowing how to conditionally compile without certain lib content would be dandy. In a perfect world, a lack of imports would spell a lack of included code.

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For me, I hope HowlerJS is not included in the final code. In this regard, I usually directly restore the old version of tools.n HTML5 platform compilation.

I don’t like using npm to compile html5, because I always download extra npm libraries.

I don’t suppose a good way to do this has emerged yet?

I haven’t figured it yet. I had other fish to fry! Still would be nice to find a solution though.

I had a similar issue with the ‘pako’ library always included, even though I didn’t use compression in my project.
I ended up patching the include.xml file in the lime root folder, and replace
<dependency path="dependencies/pako.min.js" if="html5" embed="true" />
<dependency path="dependencies/pako.min.js" if="html5 pako" embed="true" />


I would be open to a pull request that added support for a “lime-exclude-pako” define (and so on) to force these libraries to be excluded and leave it up to the user to include if necessary to prevent runtime errors