Have neko target run on other operating systems

Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to build a neko target on, say, Windows, then have it run on OSX? (using the ApplicationMain.n generated) Is this something that can be done with NekoVM, or am I misunderstanding how it works? Thanks!

The ApplicationMain.n will work on all os, but it need to be shipped with the right lime.ndll.

If you ask for a build for another os you’ll get that,
doing openfl build mac on windows will build a neko version for mac for instance.

Oh, I see! I tried it, and it generated a .app file. Will this file need the mac to have neko installed to run?

Windows doesn’t, linux was fixed for that, I don’t know about mac.

Yes, any app that is targeted for an interpreter, such as neko (or “dot-NET” or what-have-ye …), must, by definition, have a copy of that interpreter available on the target system.

In some cases, namely “dot-NET,” the necessary interpreter is always available; otherwise, it must be installed separately.   Fortunately, neko is positively tiny . . .