Hashlink compilation throwing fdt.hdll not found on Win10 x64

I compiled my large project that targets Flash reliable at the moment. Running generated exe as a hashlink target throws fmt.hdll not found. There are various posts that specify that this error has occurred with Heaps on various Linux distros and may have some specific behavior with regards to an expected path.

Attempts at resolution:

  1. I downloaded the current HashLink Win binaries and placed onto the Windows PATH.
  2. I copied the fmt.hdll into the folder where the exe is located, but neither of these action resolve the problem.
  3. I walked the dependency of the exe with depend22,and it appears that this dependency is dynamically loaded. It does not appear to be present in the dependency graph as presented by depends22.

Please let me know how to proceed to debug this issue and/or the expected HashLink versions

This was resolved, by downloading HashLink 1.10.0 which is what the current release of Lime targets.

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