Hashlink build failure on latest Lime version (8.0.1)

Trying to build an OpenFL/Lime project and I keep getting this error:

src\module.c(321) : FATAL ERROR : Failed to load library lime.hdll

This is using Haxe 4.3.1, OpenFL 9.2.1, and Lime 8.0.1.

Has anyone else run into this problem?

Does it work if you use Haxe 4.2.5?

Downgrading to Haxe 4.2.5 alone doesn’t solve it. However, downgrading to Lime 7.9.0 and OpenFL 9.1.0 as well does.

If you run lime config HL_PATH in a terminal, does it print a path, or does it say that the value is undefined?

If it prints a path, that may be pointing to a different version of HashLink that doesn’t work with Lime 8.0.1. I think we upgraded to a newer HashLink in Lime 8, so older versions of HashLink probably aren’t compatible with the new lime.hdll.

You can run lime config remove HL_PATH to go back to using the version of HashLink that is bundled with Lime.