Has there been any progress with OpenFL supporting filters for html5?

I have been using filters in flash output without problems. But notice that html5 doesnot seem to support filters. I add it separately by using photoshop, when working on html5 projects.
I read some old posts, and I think probably it’s not possible to add it up for performance reason. Still curious to know, if there has been any new update to filters ? Is their any alternate way to apply filters ( as I read somewhere using CSS with html5 canvas ) ?

If you can use OpenGL, the custom shader system (in current OpenFL source) should help for implementing many kinds of filters

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Hmm, I need to explore opengl shaders… however the type of filters I am looking for are like blur, bevel, glow, shadow etc that don’t manipulate the constituent pixels of the image. Instead add up as an effect to the overall image. But anyway, thanks for the pointers, may be I will get something related after exploring the opengl custom shaders.