Has something happened to BitmapData.copyPixels?


I’m using latex OpenFL version 6.0, and this code is now broken :


var output = new BitmapData(_imageWidth, _imageHeight, false, 0xFF00FF);

[ … ]

destPoint.y = 0;
output.copyPixels(topBmd, topBmd.rect, destPoint);

destPoint.y += topBmd.height;
output.copyPixels(botBmd, botBmd.rect, destPoint);

return output;


So here i’m copying the pixels of 2 bitmapDatas into a bigger one. Simple.

!!! --> Instead of copying the pixels onto the output like before ( OpenFL 5.x ), nothing happens : the output remains filled with its original 0xFF00FF color…

Any ideas?

What platform is this? Does using a different target make a difference?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Testing on another platform was too much of a hassle because of platform dependent code in my project, so I ended up replacing my copyPixels with draw calls, it’s working now.

Strangest thing though is that I still have copyPixels that work in other parts of this same project!

I’ve tested the source bitmapDatas, etc. everything is fine : the ‘faulty’ copyPixels just stopped working after the update, i didn’t touch anything in between.

The only difference i see is : copying pixels from a big area into smaller ones works, but the other way around ( small regions into a bigger bitmapData ) now silently fails? That… would be super weird.

We made some optimizations where we avoid flipping the screen buffer if nothing was detected to change, perhaps that’s happening?

Do you use Bitmap, Tilemap, shape.graphics, or how is your BitmapData being rendered? Do you have any code you could share?