Has OpenFl's swf library any relation to the updates made by Adobe to Flash player?

There is a library used by OpenFL named as “swf”. Is it dependent upon the flash player updates made by Adobe into the Flash Player Browser Plugin?
As per what I read, Adobe can stop updates for flash browser plugin in next some years. So will it affect the use of “swf” file as asset container for OpenFL projects?

The old “swf” library has been deprecated. It was combined with OpenFL in OpenFL 5.

We have our own SWF parser in order to convert SWF content into symbols for OpenFL MovieClip, Shape, SimpleButton and TextField objects at runtime. We do not actually use the SWF container at runtime unless you use Flash, otherwise we change it to a different format at compile-time, so even if Flash Player disappeared overnight, it will not affect our use of this feature :slight_smile: