Hardware render <window hardware = "?">

Do we need to set to false in project.xml?
When I set this property to false, the performance is significantly improved with Neko output. I strongly believe same thing happens with CPP output!
Can someone give us more info about it?
Edited: app runs very slowly when setting hardware render to false on mobile devices!

Disabling hardware uses Cairo (also available using -Dcairo) on native and HTML5 canvas 2D (also available using -Dcanvas) on HTML5.

cacheAsBitmap is likely cheaper and depending on the system it may perform better as it relies more on the CPU which tends to be fast on desktop systems

Part of the issue is that sprite.graphics relies mostly on software rendering so going hardware doesn’t give as large of a benefit there as it could. We have plans also to improve batching for standard objects (like Bitmap) without using Tilemap

thanks Joshua!

the performance in all my projects is now OK. i have some difficulties at the first time when getting back to work with Haxe/OpenFL for several years since openfl-legacy :slight_smile:

now i can easilly debug projects with Neko VM. it is now faster and faster when setting hardware render to “false” and stage quality to “low”

So now waiting for the next big things with OpenFL 9.0 :smiley: