Gravity Trek game

Finished the game on android. Development took 10 days. Tired.


Love it. Left a good review and possibly some $ as I managed to click some of the ads by accident in my frustration/enjoyment. Well done sir.

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Thanks! I’m glad that liked it. :grinning:

That looks really cool!

Are you putting it up for other platforms? Which gets me thinking: If it’s free to play with ads, why not release every game on every platform, including flash?

How do the controls work? do you tap to invert gravity?

Rotation speed of the spaceship

dy = Math.sin(radians) * SPEED
dx = Math.cos(radians) * SPEED

Flash will be, but I do not know when (try to sell or just run on web)

Try if you’re stuck. My friend sold a flash game he made in a week for $1000 a few years ago! I know it’s a different climate now, but you can always see what people are willing to pay. It looks like they have branched out into mobile platforms in recent years.

I have 4 years expirience on flash platform. :wink:

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