Graphics drawing on sprites with scaling

I was using graphics.line to to draw onto a Sprite. Then I would scale the sprite based on resolution. This appeared to work well in legacy C++ but it pixelates in NEXT. I started writing an abstraction for changing the draw calls based on scale but I was curious if this is going to be the case going forward?

In other words are vector drawing going to be maintained as vector for C++ NEXT or should I continue with a work around.

Graphics aren’t antialiased yet. If aliasing isn’t the problem post an example.

Legacy uses a software renderer, which anti-aliases, we’re considering the use of a new software render path, though, for things like this

I’ve recently experienced exactly the same thing on the HTML5 target where scaling sprites containing graphics drawing simply scales in a bitmap way - causing pixelation, rather than redrawing the graphics at a larger size.

A software rendering mechanism might be good however depending on the requirements of the app it may be beneficial to have the implementation similar to cacheAsBitmap where redrawing the graphics data is done unless cacheAsBitmap is true (and to be on the safe side it could be defaulted to true for greatest performance - which is different from Flash).

In my particular case, it would have been great to have the current performance but when the user zooms in/out, redraw the graphics at the new scale (e.g. temporarily set cacheAsBitmap=false for the first render after zooming) and then have that new resolution sprite cached.