Goumy Sticks: learn to order by size

Goumy Sticks is a learning app for toddlers (2 or 3 years old). It’s focused on learning how to sort items by size.


Let’s help Goumy meet Lula in the tree house! Just place the sticks in ascending order to create a staircase.

Tikids applications allow your children to develop their competences and abilities the way they want. One application for one ability. Tikids gets inspiration with the free Montessori workshops.

Tikids applications are self explanatory, with a strong will to help children grow successful. Without any interaction required with the parents, the child instinctively “knows” how to use the applications. He is therefore aware of its own progression.

Educative application is one thing… If on top it’s playful, that’s even better! Tikids applications are like games for children, which means they are even more motivated to play and succeed.

An application designed for a young child has to fit ergonomic principles. Therefore, when in the application, the children is in an ad-free, secure environment. In addition, tactile interactions are adapted to the child motricity.


Haxe + OpenFL 2.2.5


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I wanted to test it on iphone but it requires ios 8.0. Does your game use functions not available on older versions?

Yeah I had a few problems with iOS 7. I will try again and let you know.