Got a console error saying "You found a bug in Textfield... report to this email"

While testing the app froze and became unresponsive. I saw the console error:
Got a console error saying “You found a bug in Textfield… report to…”… don’t remember correctly.

I later found that error was caused by unbalanced html-tags used in the textfield. So when doing something like myTextfield.htmlText = "<b> lorem ipsum lorem impsum" the app freezes instead of just displaying it.

Perhaps the bug is in parsing the tags and expecting but not finding a root tag. Which is to say that you found a potential bug they’ve been looking for. With more information, it’s likely to be nailed down. Can u provide context… It would be even better if u provide code that can’t help but to do something outside expectations, or, if u will, weird?

I was able to sort it out by balancing the html-tags . But even if the tags are unbalanced, the normal behaviour should be displaying the text without html rendering. However in the current situation it halts the browser.

Thanks for reporting it. I’ll make an issue on GitHub so it’s more visible (aka so we don’t forget).

I just tried:

var textField = new TextField();
textField.htmlText = "<b>Hello World ";

…but no crash… perhaps we need a more complicated example?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm. I will need to check the same project again. Though I remember well balancing the tags helped me sort out the crash. Will check again.