Google analitycs 9.x.x extention faild with errors

Hi, all.

I’m trying to create extension for google analitycs v. 9.x.x,
But the problem is google play services haven’t one lib jar.

How I’m include:

And get error when call GoogleAnalytics.getInstance:
E/AndroidRuntime(13577): java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
E/AndroidRuntime(13577): at Source)
E/AndroidRuntime(13577): at Source)

I can’t use gradle for some reason (i know It’s available in github).

UPD: Ok, I’m using play-services-analytics-impl-9.2.1.jar from SDK but need to use play-services-analytics-impl-9.4.0.jar which I found in project some guy

Are you using proguard? I had similar errors and I was missing proper rules in proguard config.

It was a version mismatch (see gyfak’s edit).