GlowFilter and DropShadowFilter on android

I’m trying to use both of these on android but they don’t appear to be working?
I’m using the latest openfl and lime

These are not supported yet – we need to do some additional work before they are ready again

Sorry for the wait


Was facing the same issue. Thought it was available on all platforms, as stated by the openfl API reference page, until I searched the forum :wink:
Do you have any idea on when it could be available on openfl “next”?

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any work arounds for android in the meantime?

Its whats holding back my android release.

Yes for android you can use a custom Shader

We’re making progress Render sprites to texture for GL targets


And now I need this too. :slight_smile:
Same for Windows, I guess all native platforms.

I was curious, is this why starling filters are not working properly?

Running into the same problem in my framework. I had to display filters for all native platforms when it comes to my Button class.

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