Getting the functions in a list from openfl?

howdy folks,

just a quick question.
im looking to aquire the functions, or pretty much the entire list of openfl stuff. so things like graphics, Bitmap etc etc. so everything that makes openfl do stuff :wink:

im looking to create a snippet sheet with that data. plus work on something new :wink:
so how can i print out openfl functions, objects etc etc

many thanks

Not sure if there is a better way to do it but you might be able to grep for all of the functions in the openFL package using a regular expression and have the results dumped into a file

EDIT - You could also do this with a script. Python would work for example

Here’s a little script I wrote for copying properties from one visual studio project to another. It doesn’t really do what you want to do exactly but it has a lot of the components that will be required so it might help to get you started.

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cheers for that. actually got some help from the guy who develops peppermint editor. he sent me an regex thing, which really helped. because i can actually do it inside peppermint itself, which these snippets are for :wink:

thank you though, i will keep this in mind for future :wink:

Something like this?

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HA, i mean yeah thats kind of like what i was thinking, HA :wink: but i meant to be able to print out say the list through terminal/sublime/PP/badgers :wink:

but the cat from peppermint editor did actually give me a really helpful regex thing. but then he actually incorporated a basic snippet/auto-complete in the latest beta for PP.
so really, he done the job i was going to do and put it in PP :wink: