Getting ECX to update

I feel like I’ve done everything right, however the systems dont update. I’ve had to modify the update code in “System.hx” and make the update method public, then run the update commands manually; but what is the proper method of getting the systems to update?

What is ECX? What is the update code in “System.hx” you’re referring to? Is it “lime/system/System.hx”, or a different file? Thanks :slight_smile:


Looks like you’re supposed to use the ecx-common library. Simply add this line while setting up your world:

config.include(new EcxCommon());

(Where config is your WorldConfig instance.)

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Thanks for the help, including the library and adding it to the config didnt work, but this snippet from the library worked:

  for(system in {
  	@:privateAccess system.update();