Getting certification error using haxelib on mac

I have used haxelib before without problems. But now using it is showing the following error

haxelib search openfl
Error: Failed with error: X509 - Certificate verification failed, e.g. CRL, CA or signature check failed

So how to solve it?

Can you access the website in your browser, or is that broken too?

No issues when accessing the website via browser. Runs smoothly.

Anyway, for now I have downloaded it manually. And using the command haxelib install on the locally downloaded zip file.

May have encountered the same problem

I saw that before asking here.
But there is no timeout problem in my place.
If it was timeout problem then it won’t work in browser too.

Glad you got a workaround in place. Next, I’d try this:

  1. Download the certificate from Or maybe download the root certificate (should be “ISRG Root X1”), since that’s less likely to need updating later.
  2. Add it to one of your keychains.

Ok. Thank you.
I will try this soon.