Get URL from FileReference.browse

I would like to use FileReference.browse to allow a user to choose a file to load on their local system. But instead of using to load the file, I want to use the set of routines I already have to load the file. My routines just need a URL and so I just need to get the selected file’s URL in the Event.SELECT handler and pass that on to my routine.

I’d be interested if returns only the file name or if it includes a file path when used on Adobe AIR

We use lime.ui.FileDialog internally which is pretty simple to use and does expose the full path directly.

This seems like a gap in our API because AIR uses FileReference for everything where we rely on string paths in the standard Haxe system APIs

Trying to use lime.ui.FileDialog but don’t get a file dialog to appear on screen. This is my code which builds to HTML5 with no errors:

private function doFileDialog()
    fileDialog = new FileDialog();

private function processSelect(str:String)

Tried just fileDialog.browse() and still no dialog appears.

Looked at FileRefernce source code and saw that in HTML5 it does not use lime.ui.FileDialog but js.html.InputElement. I have no idea how use that to call up a file browser dialog.