Get identifier of a variable as String

How can I get the identifier of a variable as a String?

For example:
var myVar:Int = 0;
var myFunction:Void -> Void;

How do I get “myVar” or “myFunction” as a String?

I don’t think that’s possible :confused:

It’s pretty simple to do with an expression macro actually:

class Main {
	static var field:Int = 0;

	static function main() {
		var localVar:Int = 0;
		trace(nameof(field)); // field
		trace(nameof(localVar)); // localVar

	macro static function nameof(e:haxe.macro.Expr):haxe.macro.Expr {
		return switch e.expr {
			case EConst(CIdent(ident)): macro $v{ident};
			case _: throw "identifier expected";