_generated swf classes have invalid library key

My generated swf classes were working fine, but after a small change to the swf this started returning null.

var library = swf.exporters.animate.AnimateLibrary.get("aN2c0Y2gBpvCOkYwug4a");

I notice there’s only one item in AnimateLibrary.instances and it had a different key altogether.

Just wondering where this key is generated and how. I wanted to take a look and see if it’s just a hashing issue or something

New versions of OpenFL and SWF have been released today. It may be worth giving that a try, and seeing if it resolves your issue. I have been working with SWF assets here on the development version and I believe this has been working fine.


works like a charm, now!

Edit: got the problem again, but a clean build fixed it.

FYI other people in the openfl discord were having trouble compiling swfs, the errors didn’t go away after updating the haxelibs. I suggested running rebuild.hxml in the swf lib and it fixed their issues. They expected lime rebuild tools to rebuild swf, also I think most people expect haxelib releases to just work without running anything other than haxelib run lime setup. Not sure if this is an error, or something that needs to be broadcasted to people, better.

when I upgraded to latest swf, i ran rebuild.hxml just out of habit, lucky me.