GDXLime soure code

Hi folks ,
i’m little bored with this project so it’s time to release the source code.

and my blog with my Openfl and lime Project


Thank you Luis for sharing your code, is GDXLime base in Blitz3d? it only works in html5?
I don’t know how you could get board of this awesome project!!
well… keep up the good job, or best of luck in your new project if you choose to abandon the great project.

Thank you juakbob for you words.

Thank you jakwob by your words.
when I started creating this project did not intend to create a 3D engine or to make a great project
my idea was to try to learn more about Gles2, Haxe and 3d try to learn techniques used in engines
Irrlicht, Ogre, Openb3d and others.
But right now I’m a little disappointed with Haxe and Lime came to the conclusion that Haxe with Lime is very good for 2d but not to 3d,
an animated skeleton by (software) can 15fps on windows (C ++) and 5 fps
Neko the same model with the same technique but in Delphi and OpenGL can 400 fps with vsync off.
Using arrays and Matrix transformation in Haxe makes the code very slow.
I do not have any feedback about the project then why bother doing something that no one else wants to know :frowning:
But I will keep trying to optimize and improve. :wink:

PS:Sorry my English. :blush:

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i upload the source code from the tools i made with new model preview.

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Great I will try it.

Don’t get disappointed, is hard to make people try your code. I think tweeter is a better way of showing your work, because you can reach all haxe developers and not just the small group that use the forum. Tweet you work to @skial he manage the and all the weeks he post about all the haxe related news. Have a blog about your updates, and if you think that Arrays are a bottle neck write a post analyzing it with proof about how slow they are and Tweet it.Programmers love to see Benchmarks :smile: .You dont even need a lot of followers, there is a haxeBot that retweets all haxe related post.
I know is hard to write post especially to us that we are not native english speakers, but most people don’t care if they can understand you.

i already have a blog ( and is connected to twitter eventing i post on the blog is tweet.

Nice! You need to use hashtags #haxe #openfl and if you can use images, use them. A picture is worth a thousand words. Try to resume your article to one line, not one word. Most people won’t click your link if they don’t understand the topic. It’s an art to create attractive tweets but if you have interesting things to tell it’s easier.
Good luck showing your work!