GDB Debugable binaries?


I would like to debug my binaries on Linu with GDB. I used debug to build it but when I run it in Gdb I would like to get close correspondence to my sources. In that respect is this possible?

C++ sources include these informations, so it’s most likely possible, but I don’t know about any features to actually do it.

It’s not gdb but there is a debugging system for hxcpp:

Thanks, how is this done with Lime?

In your main add new debugger.Local(true);,
in your project.xml add <haxelib name="debugger" />
and then compile lime test linux -debug -DHXCPP_DEBUGGER.


But I am getting some kind messages and the build stops afterwards ;(

lime test linux -debug -DHXCPP_DEBUGGER
/usr/lib/haxe/lib/debugger/1,0,4/debugger/DebuggerThread.hx:120: characters 45-62 : threadNumber : Int -> event : Int -> className : String -> functionName : String -> fileName : String -> lineNumber : Int -> Void should be Int -> Int -> Int -> String -> String -> String -> Int -> Void
/usr/lib/haxe/lib/debugger/1,0,4/debugger/DebuggerThread.hx:120: characters 45-62 : For function argument ‘handler’

Am I supposed to import some other modules?

No, it’s possible the lib isn’t up to date with hxcpp or haxe.
If you can open an issue

The Lime releases on haxelib include binaries for release, only, due to sizes. You can lime rebuild <the target of your choice> in order to compile release and debug versions