Gamepad-Api not working


I’m currently working on implementing gamepad-support for my project. However it does not seem to work. I’ve put the example of the latest october-blog in my main-function:

import lime.ui.Gamepad;
import lime.ui.GamepadAxis;
import lime.ui.GamepadButton;

class Main extends Sprite {
	public function new () {		


        	trace(Gamepad.devices); //Outputs "{}"

        	Gamepad.onConnect.add (function (gamepad) {

          		trace ("Connected Gamepad: " +; //No output

          		gamepad.onAxisMove.add (function (axis:GamepadAxis, value:Float) {
           			 trace ("Moved Axis " + axis + ": " + value);

          		gamepad.onButtonDown.add (function (button:GamepadButton) {
            			trace ("Pressed Button: " + button);

          		gamepad.onButtonUp.add (function (button:GamepadButton) {
            			trace ("Released Button: " + button);

          		gamepad.onDisconnect.add (function () {
            			trace ("Disconnected Gamepad");



I tested my controller on several other games and I’m on lime version 2.6.9 and openfl 3.3.9.

Thanks in advance!

What device are you using? If there are no bindings, it might report only joystick events, and no gamepad events. We could look at trying to get more controller bindings so yours is supported too

I am using a standard X-Box 360 controller connected via USB. I’ve installed the driver and tested it on other games.

But I’ll try using the joystick api and see if it works.